Shop, Shop Till You Drop!


Well, Christmas Day Is Almost Here and I think I am finally finished with my Christmas gift shopping, ...I think?  I did get a head start by doing a lot of my shopping this year online, but I still took a few trips to the local stores to Christmas shop. All I can say is that I must be getting older, because I feel that I do not have the patience anymore for crowds and long lines waiting to pay. What's worse is the amount of traffic and how terribly dangerous the driving condions are, or should I say ...the drivers? Everybody is rushing around, but only now with a cell phone attached to their ear or stuck to their thumbs, and YES,... even while driving.  I have seen and been a part of so many dangerous situations this holiday season, that I pretty much fear for my life.  Next year, with better planning, I think I will Shop Till I Drop ONLINE!!!

... That Reminds Me, Check out The Kardashians and Shopping Addiction:  Shop Till You Drop? 



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Christmas time has been passed and we cannot deny that we almost one of the happiest shopaholic in town. Thus,everybody goes over their spending budget occasionally. However, when it becomes a persistent habit, there are probably other psychological factors at play beyond the desire to feel indulgent. But by looking at why we over-spend, and by following some simple financial rules, much could be done to curb the tendency. Source for this article: The psychology of over-spending - Part 1.