Devastating Blow To Penn State


NCAA Sanctions Against Penn State

• $60 million fine
• Vacation of wins from 1998-2011 (112 wins)*
• Four-year postseason ban
• Four-year scholarship reduction (10 initial; 20 total)
• Players may transfer and play immediately at other schools
• Athletic department on probation for five years
* Joe Paterno record now 298-136-3; fifth on FBS all-time list

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Submitted by Lisa Ross on
Aside from the fine, which I think is 100% appropriate, how is this punishing anyone who deserves to be punished? I can understand taking the wins from Joe Paterno's win record, but to take away from the players wins was so over the top. Those kids from 1998-2011 played their hearts out, for nothing. And then, on top of the NCAA penalties, the Big 10 hands down even more. This will cripple the entire town, from the local businesses to the loss of money for the other sports as Penn State, to the reduction in scholarships, the hike that's inevitable for tuition to make up for the money paid out in fines. The punishment will have a domino effect for many more who have no reason to be punished. It's a shame, for everyone.