Where "He" Takes You On A First Date Says A Lot About Him


According to the experts at 100redflags.com, you can tell a lot about your new man based solely on where he chooses to take you for the first date.

If  it’s a:

Neighborhood Bar: He’s a laid-back guy and he’s hoping that you are a laid-back girl too and he’s definitely open to having a relationship

Unique Coffee Shop:  He knows what he wants and he isn’t going to waste time if a connection isn’t there.

Something active: This guy is looking for a woman he can share experiences with – and that’s pretty sweet!

Friend’s Party: There is no doubt this guy is attracted to you – he wants to show you off to his friends!

Fancy Restaurant: You may be loving every minute of this date, but he is pulling out all the stops because he either expects another date or more.

Where was your "FIRST DATE?"

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