10 Reasons to Stay Home on New Year's Eve


1. All real-life fireworks pale in comparison to Gandalf's.

2. There is glitter literally everywhere.
3. Everywhere you go is packed with drunk partygoers.

4. Having to wear a diaper to stand for 10 hours in Times Square should be enough to keep you home for the night.

5. If you're the only person with no one to kiss at midnight, you'll feel like a leper.

6. And if you do have someone, there's a ton of pressure surrounding your midnight kiss.
7. No one is a good kisser after three cranberry vodkas and a shot of Goldschläger.

8. Even the night's biggest musical performers are too burnt out on Christmas cookies to put on a good show.

9. Dragging your hungover self out of bed to head to New Year's day brunch is a hellish nightmare.
10. You could be wrapped in a blanket watching New Years Rockin' Eve instead.

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