5 Myths About Being Pregnant With a Boy That Are Actually True


Have any boy/girl pregnancy myths come true for you?

5 common myths about having a boy

1. You carry your weight in your stomach and it juts out like a basketball. I've read that you're supposed to carry higher for boys and lower for girls - and the other way around. I've carried both my babies pretty high, but this one is higher than the last, which is probably why I've been more winded. And while I carried most of my weight in my stomach both times, it's definitely more pronounced and "basketball-like" with my son than it was with my daughter.

2. Boys kick you more. OMG yes. My daughter was active and kicked a lot, but never like this. She never kept me up at night with her kicks, either. There have been times I literally have not been able to sleep, he's moving around so much.

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