Are you into amusement parks?


For tons of kids, summer is all about amusement parks ... roller coasters, Ferris Wheels, the Scrambler -- the faster and higher, the better.

But theme parks aren't just for kids. And if you don't take advantage of some hometown amusement, you're definitely missing out.

I would love to get back to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, because my favorite childhood memories are from that park!  My favorite ride was on the "Blue Streak" at Cedar Point!

Just Asking ... Are you into amusement parks?

If not, when and why did you stop going?

What's your favorite park ride?


Danelle Crist's picture
Yes, I am in amusement parks, but now I only like the small ones because the big ones are expensive. In high school, for band and chorus, we got to go. I have been to Kings Dominion twice. I am not a big fan of the flipping rollercoasters. I like the ones that make the big loop not the tight spiral. My cousin and her friends convinced me to go on The Volcano down there. Biggest mistake of my life. You are hanging below the track, and the ride goes from like 0 to 98 in about 3 seconds flat. Not the worst part. I did not know that that particular rollercoaster had tight spirals on it. I was screaming so much I was hoarse by the end of the ride. I was terrified. I believe at Kings Dominion they also had that pirate ship boat that flipped. Let me tell you that one is not fun either. Yes, that one had a big loop and not a tight spiral. BUT you go so slow upside down and it feels like you hang there for about 3 seconds before you come down. Again, I was screaming like a mad woman. Some good looking guys were sitting my me telling me to calm down. I just don't like the feeling when i feel like I am going to fall out of the ride.