Do You Remember This Popular Altoona Department Store?


I can remember when there was only an open field that my friends and I used to trudge through for hours as teenagers through 2-3 feet of snow in the 70's where the former Hills Department Store was built.  Of course, it became part of the Station Mall, and it was just blocks from my childhood neighborhood, so it was MY store. 

...That Reminds Me, that I purchased my first BIG stereo there at Hills after I go my first job. I remember putting it on Layaway, and woopie, ..didn't I think I was Mr. Bigshot!

I remember the Soft Pretzels were AWESOME, ..and the I-CEE's!

I also will never forget the BIG 4th of July FIREWORKS disaster!

Do YOU have any memories of Altoona's Hills Department Store?
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