I Really Miss Chi Chi's Restaurant in Altoona


I recently came across a BLOG called:
Creepy, Abandoned Chi Chis,  and I found this photo and story about Chi Chi's Restaurant in Altoona:

"Here's where I got my first job washing dishes. I worked there 5 years. left one night as the manager and got a message the next day , You don't have to come to work today. Unless you wanna get some extra hours helping pack up some stuff. I went and me and a lot of workers drained the margarita tank in kids cups with lids and straws. In the mean while the district manager didn't even know, LOL.

LOL indeed. Seriously, who wants to go get margaritas in sippy cups after work? I kind of do."

...That Reminds Me of how much I LOVED CHi CHi's Restaurant.  I have family and friends that would go to Chi Chi's on a regular basis on the same days every week!  It is so sad when the things you love GO AWAY ...if you know what I mean? ....So Sad!

Do you have great memories of Altoona's very own CHI CHI'S Restaurant?

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