It is Teen Driver Safety Week! Here Are Some Tips!


Pennsylvania Governor Corbett Proclaims Oct. 20-26 as Teen Driver Safety Week. Here are some Tips for Teen and for Parents:

Tips for Teens:

Always wear your seat belt.
Don’t drink and drive. Drinking under the age of 21 is illegal.
Don’t talk or text on your cell phone while driving.
Obey the speed limit. Going too fast gives you less time to react.
Don’t eat or drink while driving.
Adjust radio and climate controls before beginning your trip, have your passenger adjust the controls for you or pull over to a safe place to adjust the controls. Since in many cases the teen driver shares a vehicle with a parent/guardian, the driver’s seat and all mirrors should be adjusted prior to beginning a trip. If you cannot see a truck’s mirrors the driver cannot see you.
Plan ahead; know where you are going and get directions. Leave early. Give yourself plenty of time to get there. Expect the unexpected. You never know what can happen.

Tips for Parents/Guardians:

Parents/guardians are critical components to keeping teen drivers safe on the roads, as they have the ability to best assess the teen driver's knowledge, skills and maturity. Here are some tips for teaching your teen to drive.

Set an example. Talk about driving with your teen even before they turn 16.
Know the rules of the road.
Make sure your vehicle is safe and well-maintained.
Be familiar with the tasks and requirements of teaching your teen to drive. Use PennDOT's publication How to Steer Them to Safe Driving.
Start out slow and simple, in a low traffic area or a parking lot. Work your way into more difficult driving.
Allow your teen to drive in all situations and all kinds of weather.
There is no such thing as too much practice.

For more information on young driver safety, visit PennDOT's highway safety website,, and select the "Young Driver" link under the Traffic Safety Information Center.