Know Anyone with PERFECT ATTENDANCE FROM K - 12?


Hi, this is Bill Kurtis.  My Mother had a PERFECT ATTENDANCE RECORD in school from K-12.  I always admired her for that. :-)

Check out this story:
Perfect attendance runs in the family!

Jordan Fernandez will be graduating from John F. Kennedy High School in San Antonio, Texas on June 7.
When he does, he'll do so with a perfect attendance from Pre-K through his senior year of high school. In fact, he's never even been tardy!
Not many kids can accomplish that....Unless you're a Fernandez kid!
Jordan’s older brothers Jacob and Jason also had perfect attendance from Pre-K to 12th grade. Jordan’s younger sister Jenna, a freshman in high school, hasn’t missed a day of class either.
After he graduates this summer, Jordan will be enlisting in the United States Marine Corps.
Nice job Jordan - and the Fernandez family!

Have you OR is there anyone you know who had PERFECT ATTENDANCE FROM K - 12? 

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