RESULTS for Altoona's Got Talent on Thursday 8/7/14


Congratulations to our 19 finalists in ALTOONA’S GOT TALENT.  19 outstanding performances on the historic Mishler Theatre stage and thoroughly entertained our audience.  You’re all winners in our eyes!

And now, the results of the judging …

VOICE (Adult)

Winner: Brittany Hipp, singing “The Girl in 14G”

First Runner-Up: Michael McClure, singing “I’ll Be”

Second Runner-Up: Ashley Moore, singing “The Man That Got Away”

VOICE (18 and under)

Winner: Isaac McNulty, singing “Broken Vow”

First Runner-Up: Norah Cunningham, singing “Miss Cellophane”

Second Runner-Up: Joseph Caroff, singing “I’m Alive”


Winner: Keara Sweeney, performing to “Living in the Shadows”

First Runner-Up: Brandon Wilbur, performing to “Come Get It”

Second Runner-Up: Mickie Smith, performing to “Turn to Stone”


Voice (Adult): Michael McClure, singing “I’ll Be”

Voice (18 and under):  Norah Cunningham, singing “Miss Cellophane”

Dance:  Brandon Wilbur, performing to “Come Get It”



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