Tthe 80's are back: Madonna and Sean Penn Reunite in NYC!


Sean Penn and Madonna tied the knot in 1985 and quickly became nicknamed the "Poison Penns" for their constant spats and violent outbursts against the press. Well, the 80's are back: Madonna and Sean Penn Reunite in NYC!  Madonna threw a massive party to screen her short film Secret Project Revolution at the Gagosian Gallery in NYC on Tuesday night. Guests included among others, Lindsay Lohan, Anderson Cooper, and former flame Sean Penn, who stepped straight out of the '80s to watch his ex-wife speak about the film before she hit the stage for a performance of Elliott Smith's "Behind the Bars."


While we're kind of loving seeing Madonna and Sean together again, we're not so sure that a rekindling is in the cards. Do you think we may see a second round for these two? Share your "cpmments" on our Facebook page HERE.

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