The voice of Winnie the Pooh calls children in hospitals in character ...


Jim Cummings is the voice of the well-known character Winnie the Pooh! Cummings had been a fan of Pooh after seeing a featurette at the age of 10. He would later go on to be the voice of Pooh, and then also the voice of Tigger after Winchell resigned the job.

Cummings has spent so much time being the voices of Pooh and Tigger, but for him it’s not just about fame and fortune. He gives back by working with the Make-a-Wish Foundation. He calls sick children in the hospitals, making their and their parent’s day. One kid Cummings called was dying of cancer. Cummings managed a miracle that made the mother cry: her sick child smiled!

Another boy with autism also got a call, and got to talk to Pooh and Tigger. The boy also asked Cummings to imitate other voices from Pooh, even voices Cummings had never done! Cummings gave it his best and made the kid very happy. His mother let Cummings know, through tears that the boy had never spoken before. He had been talking with Cummings for over an hour! It was so incredible that the boy's mother had taped it to show to the doctors. - SOURCE