What Is Your "Chimney Rocks" Memory?

Every Saturday of my childhood, i would spend weekends with my Grandparent in Hollidaysburg. Chimney Rocks was one of my all time favorite spots to visit.  Grams would take the long walk with me, having packed a picnic lunch. I always wanted to go up to Chimney Rocks at Christmas time to see the huge 20 foot Star up close and personal.  Many of my friends say they have scaled Chimney Rocks as well!  It is a natural wonder of Blair Township.
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Chimney Rocks is a prominent lime stone formation contaning one hundred and twenty perches. The gray silent wall of rock was where signal fires of Indians burned flaming messages to the warriors watching in the valley below. A bronze marker was placed on the Pulpit Rock, on October 17, 1924. Now know as the "Look Out".
The Chimney Rocks site has historically provided Hollidaysburg and Blair Township residents a dramatic panoramic view of the Borough and Township. The rocks has a 20 foot high lighted star placed there during the holiday season.