Which Famous TV Family resembles your family?


Which Famous TV Family resembles your family?

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Famous TV Families




Addams Gomez,   Morticia, Puglsley, Wednesday, Lurch, Uncle Fester, Grandmama Addams   Family
Aldrich Henry,   Sam, Alice, Mary Aldrich   Family
Anderson Jim,   Margaret, Betty, Bud, Kathy (Kitten) Father   Knows Best
Anderson Anthony,   Joe, Tugg, Flo, All   About the Andersons
Arnold Jack,   Norma, Wayne, Kevin, Karen Wonder   Years
Barkley Victoria,   Jared, Nick, Heath, Audra Big   Valley
Bradford Tom,   Mary, Susan, Joanie, Elizabeth, Nicholas, David, Nancy, Sandra Sue Eight   is Enough
Brady Mike,   Carol, Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Greg. Peter, Bobby, Alice Brady   Bunch
Bundy Al, Peggy,   Bud, Kelly Married   with Children
Bunker Archie,   Edith, Gloria, Michael All In   the Family
Cartwright Ben,   Adam, Hoss, Little Joe Bonanza
Clampett Jed,   Jethro, Daisy Moses (Granny), Elly May Beverly   Hillbillies
Cleaver Ward,   June, Wally, Beaver (Theodore) Leave   It to Beaver
Cunningham Howard,   Marion, Richie, Joannie, Chuck, Fonzie Happy   Days
Douglas Steve,   Robbie, Ernie, Mike, Uncle Charlie, Bub My 3   Sons
Drummond Philip,   Kimberly, Willis, Arnold Different   Strokes
Ewing J.R.,   Sue Ellen, Bobby, Pamela, Lucy, Jock, Miss Ellie Dallas
Findlay Maude,   Arthur, Carol Maude
Flintstone Fred ,   Wilma, Pebbles, Dino Flintstones
Huxtable Cliff,   Clair, Sondra, Theo, Rudy, Denise, Vanessa Cosby   Show
Ingalls Charles,   Caroline, Mary, Laura, Carrie, Albert, Grace Little   House on the Prairie
Jefferson Louise,   George The   Jeffersons
Jetson George,   Jane, Judy, Elroy, Rosie the Robot, Astro Jetsons
Kim Margaret,   Katherine, Benny, Stuart, Eric All-American   Girl
Munster Herman,   Lily, Grandpa, Eddie, Marilyn, The   Munsters
Nelson Ozzie,   Harriet, David, Ricky Ozzie   and Harriet
Partridge Shirley,   Keith, Laurie, Danny, Chris Partridge   Family
Petrie Rob,   Laura, Ritchie Dick   van Dyke Show
Reagan Henry,   Frank, Danny, Erin, Jamie, Linda, Jack, Sean, Nicky Blue   Bloods
Robinson John,   Maureen, Judy, Will, Penny Lost   in Space
Rubble Barney,   Betty, BamBam Flintstones
Russo Blossom,   Anthony, Joey, Nick Blossom
Sawyer Boone,   Merit, Faye, Susannah, Squirt Boone
Sheffield Maxwell,   Maggie, Brighton, Grace, Fran The   Nanny
Simpson Homer,   Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie Simpsons
Soprano Tony,   Carmella, A.J., Meadow, Junior, Janice, Livia Sopranos
Stone Donna,   Dr. Alex, Jeff, Mary Donna   Reed Show
Tanner Willie,   Kate, Lynn, Brian, Gordon Shumway ALF
Taylor Andy,   Opie, Aunt Bee Andy Griffith   Show
Taylor Tim, Jill,   Mark, Brad, Randy Home   Improvement
Walsh Brenda,   Brandon, Jim, Cindy Beverly   Hills 90210
Walton John   Sr., Olivia, Jason, Erin, Ben, Mary Ellen, Jim-Bob, Elizabeth, John-Boy, Cora   Beth, Grampa, Esther The   Waltons
Williams Danny,   Kathy, Rusty, Linda Make   Room for Daddy