Who Remembers Arthur Treachers Fish & Chips


Who Remembers Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips?
Oh, as a kid, ..I absolutely LOVED going there at the intersection of Plank Road and Union Avenue (Where the current CVS Pharmacy is).

When I was a kid, I hated Fish of any kind, ...even fish sticks, but I loved Arthur Treachers Chicken, and boy did I soak it with their Malt Vinegar.  To this day Vinegar is my favorite food!

Do you have any memories of Arthur Treacher's, or did your parents ever mention it to you as you went by that location?
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(disclaimer - the photo shown above is not of the Altoona, PA location of Arthur Treachers. It was from Virginia, but was the closest i could find to the Altoona restaurants design)