Who Remembers "Returnable Pop Bottles" ???


Who Remembers "Returnable Pop Bottles?"

Ok, I am not that old, and I do not drink as much "pop" as I did as a kid, but ..That Reminds Me, ...how I loved, as a kid, walking the neighborhood alleys collecting pop bottles, ...so proud to take them back to the grocery store (The A & P on 8th Ave. and 21st St. in Altoona) ...to get back the deposits. I can remember when you would get 2 cents, then 5 cents. When it went to 10 cents ...JACKPOT! I worked hard at it too!  My family drank around 6 - 8 cases of Pepsi a week.  Then the "DIET KICK" happened and we were forced to drink Diet Pepsi!  My poor dad never saw any of that money ....LOL!

It was a great way to encourage recycling. I think that if all bottles came with a .10 cent depost. a lot of trash would come out of the landfields.

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brother Bob: they are still available here in Long Beach, Ca!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still waiting for Forever to stream you over the 'net Hot 92&Hot100 are streamed why not you??????????????????????????????