27 years ago taday, "We Are The World" was recorded. Read WATW trivia and see the video.

On this day in 1985, the top performers of the day got together to perform a song for charity. Written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and preoduced by Quincy Jones, this song became a monster hit. Here is some trivia about that day...
Profits  from the sale of the video were contributed to the charitable organization USA for Africa.
Bob Geldof hung a sign on the door of the recording studio which said "Leave Your Ego At The Door". Prince (notorious for both his ego and his tantrums) reportedly drove away after seeing the sign. The solo originally planned for Prince to sing was given to Huey Lewis.
This sing was recorded in an all-night recording session immediately after the American Music Awards.
Jane Fonda states in the intro to the documentary that there were 45 singers and musicians involved in the recording of the song. In actuality, there were 43: Prince left almost immediately, once he saw the "leave your ego at the door" sign, and Waylon Jennings left over a dispute with the lyrics.
Trivia courtesy of IMDb
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