For that hard to buy someone-how about a celebrity crypt?


 You can soon own a piece of music history for the rest of your life and long beyond that. Elvis Presley's crypt in Memphis that held him and his mother's body before they were moved to Graceland is being auctioned. For a starting bid of $100,000, the bidding begins June 23rd as part of the "Music Icons" auction from Juliens Auctions, who were known for other legendary pieces such as Michael Jackson's Thriller Jacket and a Whitney Houston dress and earrings from "The Bodyguard". The winning bidder will recieve the crypt, opening and closing of the vault for burial, a memorialization inscription, and use of the chapel for commital services. Transportation and funeral home costs are not included. I have been in this crypt and is in a very prime location. It is actually quite nice and a very peaceful place.

 Other items up for auction include a blue suede jacket, sunglasses, even a vial of hair from the King. For more on the auction, click here