Here are 10 things you should never tweet


Twitter has become a valuable and entertaining tool and can be alot of fun, but there are just some things you shouldn't "tweet."

1. That you’re having sex.right.this.moment.

2. That you’re concerned your period is late.

3. That you’re disappointed in his penis size. Really anything about his penis size.

4. Speaking of penises, there’s no need to tweet pictures of your goodies ever.

5. Child birth. Earlier this week a woman live-tweeted her labor. The internet was not impressed. Or kind.

6. Weddings. A simple “congrats to @Mr and @Mrs on tying the knot!” after the love birds say “I do” can be sweet. But tweeting during actual the ceremony? Not so much.

7. Your phone number or email address.

8. Announcing that you’re angry with (and therefore trash-talking) your boyfriend, best friend, mom, boss or dog.

9. That you’re stuck in traffic. Put the phone down and concentrate on the (slow) moving road ahead!

10. Anything you’d hesitate saying in person. If you’re unsure about saying it to someone’s face or to a group of people, it’s probably not the best idea to broadcast it in 140 characters

SOURCE: Glamour