Mother's Day spending, how much is mom worth this year?


Well, maybe the economy is improving ...According to a new survey from the National Retail Federation, spending on Mother's Day is expected to be up this year.

The average consumer will spend about $152.52 on gifts -- up from $140.73 last year.

66 percent of people will buy flowers, 33 percent will buy clothing or accessories, and about 13 percent will buy gadgets.More than half, about 54 percent, will take Mom out to dinner or brunch.

Forbes conducted a poll of what moms really want,

  • According to the poll, 48 percent of women want a spa day for Mother's Day. That's especially interesting because 72 percent of men believe that mom wants flowers. That means a lot of men will get to see that disappointed look on mom's face this year.
  • Now don't be mistaken, there are still moms who like getting flowers. 38 percent say they like a nice bouquet. The third most-wanted gift is jewelry, followed by a smart phone or tablet.

How much do you spend on average for dear old mom?