Charter Day Weekend at The Pennsylvania Military Museum - Boalsburg

Charter Day Weekend at Military Museum

Film Festival and One-day Free Admission Mark Season Reopening

On Sunday, March 9th, the museum will open at Noon with free admission to commemorate the granting of the Charter from King Charles II to William Penn which founded “Penn’s Woods” in 1681. New to the gallery exhibits are three World War One propaganda art posters retrieved from the collection. Two are designed by American artists while the third was designed by Frenchman Maurice Neumont which shows the darker side of war. 

          “The U.S. posters are quite vivid works of art sponsored by an American governmental agency called the Committee on Public Information,” says museum educator, Joe Horvath.  “The exhibition of these artifacts marks the beginning of our efforts to remember The Great War for the next four years.”

          World War One is the scene for Sunday’s 1:30 p.m. movie with a 2010 Australian production , Beneath Hill 60 (122 minutes).  Allied and German coal miners, employed as soldiers, tunnel beneath the same hill in Belgium in an effort to break the stalemate of war.  All films are rated R for a mature audience. 

The Pennsylvania Military Museum and 28th Infantry Division Shrine is administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.  For more information on the museum please call 814-466-6263 or visit

Sunday, March 9, 2014 - 12:00pm