Cruising for the Critters for Huntingdon County Humane Society - Mill Creek Fire Hall

Cruising for the Critters

JUNE 7th 2014 at Noon

This ride will be for the dogs and cats of the Huntingdon County Humane Society. The

shelter will be celebrating their 35th

and Mifflin counties. All the monies raised will go directly to the animals and help

with the up keep of the shelter so the doors can remain open. Hopefully this will be

the start of a great annual ride. This ride will not be a race. It will be slow and steady

so it is enjoyable for all kinds of riders. The ride will start at noon at the Mill Creek Fire

Hall and be approximately 75 miles with 1 stop for fuel. We will return to the fire hall

where a small meal will then be served. There will also be baskets of various items,

along with other items for chance, along with other items for sale. There will be a

preregistration up till 05/30/2014. This fee will be $25 per bike and can be sent to The

Huntingdon County Humane Society 11371 School House Hollow Rd Huntingdon, PA

16652 or be paid by getting on the website at

If paying on the website, you must use PayPal. Please put a note in PayPal to let them

know what it’s for. Please include the following information as well for Pay Pal. They

will need the # of riders and the shirt size for one of them. One person per bike gets

a T-shirt for free. There will be others for sale the day of the ride. If you pay the day

of the ride, the cost will be $35 per bike. There is also a sponsor sheet that can be

emailed to you. There will be paperwork that will need to be filled out before the ride,

 anniversary of helping the animals of Huntingdon

so please show up early. Kickstands go up at 12 noon.

Saturday, June 7, 2014 - 12:00pm