Ravenwood Manor

Tick…Tock…Hear the menace of the clock.  Your time is running out and the days are numbered!  Do you have the nevre to face the final season at Ravenwood Manor?

  • Beginning October 4th, Ravenwood Manor is open every Thursday through Sunday in October from 7pm until midnight. 
  • Ravenwood Manor is located inside a real haunted house with Full Moon Productions creating new scenery, props, illusions, animatronics, and heart-stopping terrors every year. 
  • Things aren’t as they seem at Ravenwood Manor with scares coming from all directions…wall walkers, fortune teller, a dentist you would never want pay a call to, the doll chamber…

Admission: $12 or adults and $8 for victims under 12

Opening weekend, 12 and under are free!

Found at 3263 Crossroads Boulevard, Beccaria, Route 729

For more information, find Ravenwood Manor on Facebook