13 year old girl battling cancer becomes Covergirl - watch the video from the Ellen Show

13 year old Talia Castellano is a brave young woman, battling two forms of aggressive cancer.  I admire this brave young woman so much.

She decided not to wear a wig, but embraced make up and got millions of fans with her youtube make up tutorials. In one of her videos she mentioned that it was her dream to meet Ellen.

Well, Ellen (who also is a Covergirl!) not only made that dream come true by inviting Talia to the show, she made the announcement that Talia would be a Covergirl! The look on the girl's face is priceless.

Watch the moment yourself - but have a tissue ready! It's a moment of pure joy! Here's the clip from Ellen.

For even more inspiration, check out some of Talia's videos here.