5 Tips to Save Money Remodeling

Submitted Thu, 04/18/2013 - 11:59pm by Web Guy

5 Tips to Save Money Remodeling

Design your remodel around deals

  • Look for deals before you start remodeling.  For example, if you know you want to update your kitchen, keep an eye out for specials on countertops, appliances, or cabinets. Once you find and purchase the deal, plan the rest of your remodel around it.

Don’t move plumbing or electric

  • Moving plumbing and/or electric lines can be very costly.  According to some experts, relocating the kitchen sink can cost up to $2,000.  Plan your remodel around your current plumbing.

Plan for the unexpected

  • One of the most underrated aspects of remodeling is preparing and implementing a successful budget plan.  Unfortunately, when many people create budgets they forget one critical variable, “wiggle room.”  Be sure to add a few extra dollars to your budget because you never know what kind of unexpected surprises are lurking behind the corner.

Ask for leftover materials

  • More often then not, contractors have extra materials left over from previous jobs.  Contact some local contractors in your area and you may be able to find materials comparable to what you had in mind.  Even if it’s not exactly what you hoped for, you should be able to negotiate a hefty discount.


Save on appliances

  • If your remodel includes the expensive task of upgrading your appliances, don’t pay full price!  More often then not, appliance retailers have big sales around the holidays, and usually once a year when new models role out; plan to shop for your appliances then.  In addition, you can typically find gently used appliances on websites, newspapers, and forums.  Another trick for saving up to 20% on new appliances is to look for small scratches and dents.  Sometimes display models receive a small dent or scratch when moving them to the floor.  If you can live with a small hidden scratch, negotiate with the sales associate for a lower price.  Finally, skip the extended warranty.  Most extended warranties are never used and most fixes will be covered under the basic free warranty.