Breaking Amish - Fake? Pics!

With a new season of Breaking Amish on the air, we thought we'd revist this original story...

TLC's show "Breaking Amish" was my new guilty pleasure, and a ratings winner for the network, with over 3 million viewers. The show is about 5 young people, ages 20 to 32, leaving the Amish or Mennonite life for the first time to experience life in New York City. It's a fascinating premise.

But now comes word that the whole thing mighgt be completely fake.

Yeah, it all seemed a little wonky, with the Amish kids using lots of our terms, and being shunned, and not as overwhelmed as they should have been in NY for the first time. But I'm surprised at just how fake it might be!

Here's some of the evidence, with links at the end, if you want to investigate further. You be the judge!

Abe and Rebecca

Cute, aren't they? All shy around each other, wanting to go on a date. Trouble is, they're already married, and some reports say the baby in the photo is theirs.

Here's another pic of Rebecca taken in 2010, in a bikini. A far cry from the Amish lifestyle.


Reports are that he left the Amish life many years ago, and spent most of his time living in Florida. He's also been married, divorced, has three kids, is behind on his support payments, and has a criminal record. Yeah. There's a MySpace account in his name from years ago, and this photo was taken when he was living in Florida four or five years ago.


Also married, and possibly divorced.


Reports are that she's been modeling for years. Further reports are that many of the situations on the show have been faked, especially those featuring the Amish families, because of their aversion to being photographed in any way.

To investigate further go here

There also are two facebook pages investigating:

Breaking Amish The Truth, and Breaking Amish The Expose.

What do you think?