Did I photograph a ghost???! Check the pics!

This weekend I visited friends in Bethel, NY, home of the original 1969 Woodstock. I've traveled there many times, and it's like my second home.

But this weekend, under the light of that Super Moon on Saturday, something really weird happened.

The first picture you see is The Woodstock Monument, at the original site. I actually took that picture after the weird one. People come to this monument all the time, it's a national historic landmark.

I said to my friend "Wouldn't it be cool if we took a picture of some old hippie ghosts dancing in the field?" We laughed -- it was really dark that night, except for the moon breaking through the clouds, and a dim pole light that you can see in the upper right of the weird photograph. This pole light was not bright - about the same as a couple of solar sidewalk lights.

So here it is, the weird picture - and this was just meant to be a test picture! It looks like someone strung up some Christmas lights on the monument, but they only appear on the picture! If you look closely, you also can almost see a silhouette.

Note that this was a long exposure shot, because it was so dark. I'd say about a :45  second apperture.

What do you see??