Did you ever have one of these?

Wow!  I remember wanting this simple game so bad back when I was 10 years old!  Low and behold, it was under the Christmas tree!  Yay!

Gnip Gnop is a two-player table-top game in which the players try to get all six balls to the opponent's side first. The game begins with three balls and three levers per sides. The levers are for shooting balls to the other side. Between the two sides is a plastic barrier with the holes slightly larger than the balls. There are three pink balls and three green balls. The game is enclosed in clear plastic to keep the balls from flying out.

Gnip Gnop was designed by Marvin Glass and Associates for Parker Brothers. It was originally released in 1971. Fundex Games produces a slightly modified version of the game. Fundex filed for bankruptcy protection in September 2012.

The name comes from "ping pong" spelled backwards.

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