Dr. Oz reveals top 3 fattening foods! Surprise!

Dr Oz - I'm a fan! Last year I even traveled to NYC to appear on his show. Camera time for me: about 60 seconds at most! But it was tons of fun and he's a handsome man.

Generally I think Dr. Oz does his best to inspire us to be healthy, and I like his ideas on integrated medicine.

So what are the top 3 fattening foods in America, according to Dr. Oz?  Well, one of them might just surprise you!

#1 French Fries

#2 Potato Chips

(Note: Dr. Oz says potatoes are fine, but when we fry them in tons of oil, that's when they turn unhealthy.)


#3 Skim Milk.

Say what? Yes! I've been saying this for years. Take all the fat out of milk, all you're left with is sugar water that's highly fattening and doesn't fill you up. So at least switch to 2%, though there are health advocates who say only milk in its whole, natural form is what you should be consuming for the most benefits.

Here's the interview with Dr. Oz: