The Ducks of Sandy Hook

Out of tragedy, something beautiful - The Ducks of Sandy Hook. As the story goes, a box of 500 rubber ducks was sent to Chalk Hill school, the temporary home of displaced Sandy Hook students.


No one was quite sure what to do with them.

A police officer assigned to the school for protection put them in his office, and the next day, he placed them all over the school.

Students and faculty both were delighted! So they raised money to buy MORE ducks - because for some of those traumatized kids, it was the only thing that made going to school a joy again. The ducks became part of the healing process.

Ducks with the NYPD!

Now the ducks are making their way all over the world!

Ducks at the Superbowl!

Ducks in NYC!

Ducks in China!

If you'd like to contribute for more ducks, here's the info:

The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary

261 S. Main Street #312

Newton, Connecticut  06470