Eek! Is there hair in my bread??!!

I am obsessed with food and eating healthfully.

In ten years, I've had maybe ten glasses of soda-pop, which is what some of my friends gulp down before breakfast.

I read labels -- but what we're learing is that it's not enough to read labels. Now we have to be researchers too!

Just a couple of weeks ago it came to light that all ice cream is made with a derivative of anti-freeze, but because it's considered a standard ingredient by all manufacturers of ice cream, they don't have to include it on the ingredient list. What?

Personally, I want to know things like that! Don't you? I think moms want to know what theyr'e feeing their kids!

Latest horror: a lot of packaged breads and baked goods containt L-cysteine.  If it doesn't sound like food, it probably isn't food. Words like that have me putting down the package and backing away quickly.

So what is L-cysteine? I'll quote the article:

a non-essential amino acid made from dissolved human hair (often from China) and duck feathers.

Why is that junk in my food?! It's not food!  Yuck!

Decide for yourself. Research a little, if you like.

In the meantime, I'll continue to be your sleuth and find this fun stuff for you!

Caveat emptor, my friends. Let the buyer beware.



Source: Eat This, Not That