PA Bucket Bear is FREE!

**BREAKING NEWS*** Since posting this earlier today, I contacted Samantha, one of the bear's rescuers,

and she's agreed to talk with us on the air Friday morning at 7:05!! Can't wait!

The "Bucket Bear" of Clarion County is free! The bucket was stuck on his head for over a month!

I really admire these people. The couple, Samantha Eigenbrad and her fiance Dean Hornberger, hated the idea of that bear

suffering. So, despite the danger, the went out looking for the poor bear, and found him! 

It's not really a bucket - it's a "maxi" air bag cushion used on a tractor trailer. There's a hole in the bottom that enabled the bear to eat and drink.

The PA Game Commission was unable to catch the bear - so these brave locals took the matter in  their own hands.