Time Travelers with cell phones - watch the video and you decide

Movie mysteries - were time travelers talking on cell phones in these old movies - you decide. Cell phones being developed in the 1930s is possible, but not probable, according to snopes.com. And there is no actual documentation that any company was working on cell phones back then.

Recently, according to The Huffington Post, a man on YouTube claims that the woman in the 1st clip is his grandmother, and that Dupont (the company that made the film) was testing wireless telephones.

He also claims he still has the phone, but has since deleted his comments and has not come forward with the proof!

The woman in the video could be holding anything - but she sure does hold it like we hold cell phones! 

The 2nd half of this video is from an old Charlie Chaplin movie, of a very strange looking woman (or is it a man?!) holding what also looks like a cell phone.

Time travelers? You decide!