True Beauty - can you see it?

True beauty - what is it? When it comes to us women, sometimes it's hard to tell. We wake up, put on make up, do our hair, dress nicely. choose jewelry to match our outfit, then maybe spray on a little perfume.

Personally, I won't leave the house without doing many of the above! All those rituals make me feel more confident, more attractive. But are they necessary to achieve beauty?

Does real beauty come from the inside?

Yes, yes it does.

A friend of mine shared this poster with me the othe rday. Jesse Meriweather is an actress - you might recognize her as the "lint licker" from the Orbit gum commercials. Bravely, she wanted to illustrate the illusions created by magazines/media, and the impossible standards we compare ourselves to. I applaud her!

She's actually much more attractive than her "real" photo below, but she allowed herself to be portrayed in the worst light to illustrate the point.

Pass it on!