Water Blobs for Summer Fun!

Also known as the "Redneck Waterbed" - this looks like great summer fun. We saw it on Pinterest and wanted to pass it along.

So easy to make with the kids!

You need:

--a tarp, or a big roll of plastic sheeting

--duct tape


--optional: food coloring

Roll out the tarp, or plastic sheeting.

Fold in half, and use the duct tape to tape it all together, leaving a small space for your garden hose.

If you're using clear plastic, you can insert some food coloring if you'd like colored water.

Fill with water, and when it's full, use more duct tape to close the hole where the hose was. 

And you have a water blob for kids to jump on! You also could poke some holes in the top if you want to create a spray effect.

I think I might just make one for myself!

For further instructions go to:

Original Source

or Water Blob Tutorial

And let us know if you try it!