White Lady of the Buckhorn - local song for Halloween!

The White Lady of the Buckhorn is a local legend about a female ghost who haunts the area. Some say there are two ghosts - The White Lady of the Buckhorn and The White Lady of Wopsy.

Local musicians Bill Dann and Jack Servello have written a song for Halloween - "The White Lady of the Buckhorn." You can listen to it right here - just scroll down to the end of this post to hear it!

And I've created a little challenge for Bill and Jack! I promised to play the song on the air on WALY 103.9, Monday morning around 8:05, if we get 30 new "likes" on our facebook page by Monday morning!

Right now, at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday October 18th, we have 884 "likes" on our facebook page. So we'll need to get that number to 914 by Monday!

Listen to the song (it's posted below), and if you like it, then like the WALY 103.9 page on facebook! Help get these guys and their Halloween song on the air!   

It's a fun song - you'll enjoy it!

And if you'd like to learn more about the legend of the White Lady, go here  or here