Happy Turkey Day All You Party People!

Well, Thanksgiving is here!  Are you ready to feast?
I think my family is really ready. ...Funny story.

On Sunday, I thought I would be a stand up guy, and go purchase all of the food for the big Thanksgiving dinner, of which we also invited 8 guests.  Well, I shopped till I dropped, came home, put everything away, and 10 minutes later, here comes my honey with all of the exact same groceries I just shopped for. 
Can you believe that? 
Well, nice to know we both had the same idea!

So, anybody else wanna come to my house for Thanksgiving dinner?

That Reminds Me ... We always do a little dancing after our dinner, but I never thought i would be so entertained by a few dasncing headless turkeys ...???  Oh well, I was, and I hope you are also!