I don't want it to be dark at 5pm!

It has been great to have several days of sunshine! It kinda puts you in a nice mood!  After this weekend though, I can see my mood changing for the worst, at least for a little while. 

This Sunday is when we move the clocks BACK an hour!  Remember, Spring Forward, Fall back?  Well, this means that it will now be dark around 5:30! I am not ready at all for the early darkness, although, I must admit that I will be happy to see the sunshine earlier.  Eventually, it will be dark leaving for work AND coming home. I don’t like that at all. How much do you hate it?


That Reminds Me … of Cher’s song.
I bet you didn’t see this one coming: “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

Remember the big ship? …and was that a thong under the leather jacket?


Cher -  “If I Could Turn Back Time.”