Snow in October ...before Halloween?

I can’t believe it? Snow before Halloween!  Did you miss out on any great Halloween parties because of the snow? My friends and I didn’t let a little snow ruin our favorite party of the year. We had a great time! 

What about this morning? I wasn’t ready for all of the ice on the windshield.  I am one of those people who has to clear the car completely. Do you clear your car off, or do you just jump in your car and go!  Are you the person in the other lane trying to drive with only a tiny little circle to see out of? I say, scrape all the windows and brush off all the snow!  Isn’t it State Law?


That Reminds Me … Vanilla Ice turns 43 today.
Probably a good idea that he didn’t use his real name, Rob VanWinkle.
I loved “Ice, Ice Baby!” from 1989!


Check out his crazy hairdo once again!


Vanilla Ice – Ice, Ice Baby