Bill Kurtis
Weekdays 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Join Bill Kurtis weekdays from 2 PM to 7 PM on Waly 103.9!

Be part of THE AT-WORK NETWORK with Bill Kurtis weekday afternoons. Just let Bill know that you're listening wherever you work during your workday, whether it's just you or the whole gang! Bill would love to give you a "shoutout" throughout the year and enter you into contests for members of the At-Work Network!
Just send Bill an email at: 

At 2:15, don't miss "The Daily Dish" with the most delcious celebrity dirt of the day! "The Daily Dish", ...because gossip is best served hot on WALY 103.9!

At 2:40 and 4:40, don't miss "The WALY WORLD WHAT'S HAPPENING!"  Bill will give you the latest happenings going on in WALY World from local non-profit groups, clubs and organizations.  If your group has an upcoming event, and you would like us to include it in the WALY WORLD WHAT'S HAPPENING please send all of the details well in advance by email to: OR via mail to WALY WORLD WHAT'S HAPPENING, c/o K.C. O'Day, One Forever Drive, Hollidaysburg, PA  16648. You can see all of the WALY World What's Happening ANYTIME by clicking "EVENTS" at the top of the page.

At 4:15, It's "INSIDE THE MUSIC" with Bill Kurtis, as he shares a deeper look at a song and artist from the 80's, 90's or today! You'll hear some unique facts and trivia about the song and/or artist, which you'll enjoy sharing with your family and friends! Bill often has a chance to win some terrific prizes as well, so don't miss it!

At 5:00 It's "Five for 5 ...On The Drive!" ...five great songs in a row for your drive home with THE #5 Flashback Song ALWAYS a great surprise!  Bill will accept your requests and suggestions for the #5 Flashback song via email at: Let Bill know too if you have a special Birthday or Anniversary coming up. Remember to provide your first name, where you are from, the song and artist you are requesting and a very short line or two as to WHY you want to hear the song. Give him this info. well in advance as Bill will use these for future dates!