Bill Kurtis, international man of mystery and intrigue!
Well, I'm not actually mysterious at all, and I've never been out of the country. In fact, I'm an Altoid – a hometown boy! I actually started at WALY 103.9 in 1991 as a Board Operator. I returned in 1999 and have been "On The Air" every Afternoon from 2pm til 7pm since then.

Born and raised in the 6th Ward section of Altoona with 5 older half brothers and 2 older half-sisters - I'm the baby of the family! Everything was close to home back then, right there in the neighborhood. We walked to the penny candy store where I probably ate miles of shoe-string licorice and more chocolate bars than Charlie from Willy Wonka! Oh, how we love pulling the little red wagon full of pop bottles to be exchanged for cash ...then the candy! I have never, ever taken a bus to school! Lots of great memories walking to Adams Elementary, Roosevelt Jr. High, Altoona High and Vo-Tech – especially stopping at Winky's, Big John's Corner Store, Austin's Market and of course ...the local A & P!! We never stayed inside, but were always playing outdoors whether summer or winter.  Oh the memories of hide and seek and kickball in the alley, riding bikes and don't forget four-square. And who can forget, that when the street lights came on, it was time to go home.

My Dad was the chef in the house when I was growing up, and I've taken after him. Wish I could make his meatloaf – I've never even tried, because his is the best in the world! I do almost all of the cooking for my family! I love to cook, and watch just about every television cooking show there is, especially "Cut throat Kitchen" and "Chopped!"

I love the great outdoors, and love where I live with a view of the mountains ...right out the back door!

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