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Aircraft Hangars
Sprung takes the tensioned fabric membrane structure to new heights. We pioneered the technique that results in rapid construction, total flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Sprung Fabric Buildings Are Engineered to Outperform

Sprung invented the tension membrane structure that allows for the rapid construction, total flexibility, complete reliability and ultimate cost-effectiveness of any short or long-term building project. Our fabric structures are proven around the world, with thousands of applications currently in use ranging from military installations to educational institutions, arenas to aircraft hangars and oil and gas explorations to disaster recovery operations. Sprung fabric buildings provide a completely customizable and movable solution for any project.

Engineering is the most important factor to consider when choosing a fabric structure. Ours is second to none. In more than 90 countries, Sprung is at work performing unlike any other building.

NASA-Quality Innovation

For over a century, the Sprung family name has been synonymous with custom-made quality shelters that meet unique needs. We patented the tensioned fabric structure as an alternative to existing construction methods, beginning in the late 1970s with structures for the oil and gas industry. After winning the NASA tender to house the Space Shuttle in the early 1980s, our reputation for building innovation became known worldwide.

Tested and Proven

Each Sprung fabric building is manufactured from the highest quality products and materials, and individually tested using strict performance measures. Our fabric structures have been proven to perform in some of the toughest environments in the world, from the hottest deserts to the most punishing frozen arctic tundras.

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